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Founded in 2009, l’Atelier Cartographik is a design studio at the intersection of illustration, graphic design and cartography.

Situated between Bordeaux and La Rochelle, L’Atelier creates visual identities, illustrations, maps and exhibition layouts.

The “elastic” studio team, headed by Alexandre Verhille and Sarah Tavernier, adapts to projects of all levels according to demands.  They work with the press, publishers, public and private institutions, cultural events…..

In close collaboration with national and international loyal clients, L’Atelier Cartographik is published in Le Monde, Lonely Planet, Editions Milan, De la Martinière, Gestalten….  These publications are regularly translated into several languages.

Specialised in maps for over 10 years, the studio is developing their work into areas such as national communication campaigns for the Ministry of Culture, the French Development Agency, natural parks ... The complementarity of the team, the diversity of projects and the adaptability of the studio allow the implementation of innovative graphics solutions for each project.


Sarah Tavernier L'Atelier Cartographik
Alexandre Verhille L'Atelier Cartographik

Visual artist, designer and graduate of the College of Art, Design and Textiles of Roubaix and the European School of Arts and Materials of Albi, her artistic work has evolved between architecture, landscape design and arts and crafts.  She joined L’Atelier Cartographik in 2014.
Illustrator, colourist and paper engineer, Sarah Tavernier gets her inspiration from literature and nature.  She lives in the Charente-Maritime where she likes to cultivate her vegetable garden, travel and do yoga.


Alexandre Verhille is a French illustrator and graphic designer.  He lives and works by the Atlantic Ocean where he likes to sail and recharge his batteries.
He created l’Atelier Cartographik in 2009.  As artistic director, he implements an innovative graphic language by placing cartography at the centre of his artistic thinking.
He draws his inspiration from old marine and road maps, literature and travel.

Atelier Cartographik, maps, illustrated map, graphic design, touristic map, press illustration, fine art


Identité Visuelle
Direction artistique
Design editorial
Website Design
Design graphique


Ministère de la culture
M le magasine du Monde
Lonely planet
Banque Populaire
Agence Française de Développement
Editions De la Martinière
Edtions Milan
Editions Bordas
Editions Belin
Editions Hatier
Parc Naturel régional d’Armorique
Parc Naturel régional des Pyrénées Ariégeoises


(Edition Milan)
Mon premier tour du Monde
(Edition Milan)
(Edition De la Martinière)
La Mythologie
(Edition Saltimbanque)
Trépidantes villes
(Edition Belin)
(Edition Milan)
Les animaux
(Edition Saltimbanque)
Le corps humain
(Edition Saltimbanque)
Hello World Animals
(Little Tiger Editor)
(Edition Milan)
Atlas des régions de France
(Edition De la Martinière)
(Edition Milan)
Hello World
(Little Tiger Editor)
Atlas des grands curieux
(Edition De la Martinière)
(Edition Milan)
Voyages et routes de légende
(Edition Milan)
Amuses toi autour du Monde
(Edition Milan)
Tribulation d’un jeune mousse en mer celtique
(Edition Magellan)


- Lauréat de la nuit du livre 2015 pour le livre animé Voyages et routes de légende. (editions Milan)
- Sélectionné parmi les pépites 2016 du salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse de Montreuil pour le livre Anatomia (éditions Milan)
- Sélectionné pour le SLA Information Book Award 2017 pour le livre Hello world (Caterpillar books)
- Prix du Stanfords Children's pour le livre du mois de Mai 2016 pour le livre Hello world (Caterpillar books)
- Sélectionné pour le National Book Tokens Children's Travel Book de l’année 2016 pour le livre Hello world (Caterpillar books)
- Le prix de la ville de Nanterre 2018 pour le livre je compte tout (Les éditions de la Martinière jeunesse (EDLMJ))
- Nominés pour le Prix du Livre Environnement 2019 pour le livre Terramania (editions Milan)

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